13 fieros competidores medirán sus telentos artísticos para salir vencedores del premio de artista emergente sandieguino.  quien ganará. vealo en el proximo capítulo de "The New Contempraires segunda temporada"

Emerging Artists nominated for the 2009 SD Art Prize
David Adey, Tania Alcala, Michele Guieu, Keikichi Honna, Omar Pimienta, Daniel Ruanova, Marisol Rendon, Tara Smith, Matt Stallings, K.V. Tomney, Jen Trute, Gustabo Velasquez, Yuransky

CATALOG OF 2009 SD Art Prize: New Contemporaries II

Noel-Baza Fine Art
Wednesday, February 18, 2009 – Sat. March 21, 2009
Public opening Kettner Night, Friday, March 13, 6 to 9 pm
2165 India Street - San Diego, CA 92101
Gallery Hours: 11-6 Tuesday-Thursday, 11-8 Friday and Sat. closed Sun, Mon
Info: Patricia Frischer 760.943.0148
or noel-baza@cox.net

The SD ART PRIZE is dedicated to the idea that the visual arts are a necessary and rewarding ingredient of any world-class city and a building block of the lifestyle of its residents. Conceived to promote and encourage dialogue, reflection and social interaction about San Diego’s artistic and cultural life, this annual award honors artistic expression. The SD ART PRIZE, a cash prize with exhibition opportunities, spotlights established San Diego artists and pairs them with emerging artists each season whose outstanding achievements in the field of Visual Arts merit the recognition.

Over the course of the year, a series of exhibits featuring the recipients will run simultaneously at the
L Street Gallery at the Omni Hotel, and on the websites: SanDiegoArtist.com and SDVisualArts.net (SDVAN). Each exhibition will pair an established artist with an emerging artist. The final exhibition features work by all recognized recipients of the SD ART PRIZE for that season.

SD Art Prize Mission: Fusing Energy for San Diego Visual Arts: Mentorship, Education, Recognition, Collaboration
THE Goals of the SD ART PRIZE, as presented by the San Diego Visual Arts Network, are to:

*Recognize and celebrate existing visual art accomplishments by spotlighting local artists.
*Create an exciting event that facilitates cross-pollination between cultural organizations and strengthens and invigorates the San Diego Visual Art Scene.
*Broaden the audience of the visual arts in San Diego by gaining national attention to the competition through a dedicated media campaign.
*Promote the vision of the future role that the visual arts will play in the San Diego community as lively, thriving, positive and empowering.
*Expand the infrastructure of spokespeople/art celebrities who can bring awareness to San Diego and perform as role models for our student artists.

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