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Mostrando las entradas de noviembre, 2013
recién me topo con este poema, hacía rato que mi lado cursi y mi lado político no se sentían tan afectados por el mismo poema.  
The same Chippewa word is used both for flirting and hunting game, while another Chippewa word connotes both using force in intercourse and also killing a bear with one’s hands. -R.W. Dunning (1959) Social and Economic Change Among the Northern Ojibwa
We have come to the edge of the words, out of brown grass where we slept, unseen, out of knotted twigs, out of leaves creaked shut, out of hiding.
At first the light wavered, glancing over us. Then it clenched to a fist of light that pointed, searched out, divided us. Each took the beams like direct blows the heart answers. Each of us moved forward alone.
We have come to the edge of the woods, drawn out of ourselves by this night sun, this battery of polarized acids, that outshines the moon.
We smell them behind it but they are faceless, invisible. We smell the raw steel of their gun barrels, mink oil on leather…
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