esto me llegó al mail, creo que lo saben!! la verdad es que nunca pensé que esto le pasara a más gente.

GUIDE (Graduates United in the Interests of Diversity & Excellence) brings you…

The Imposter Syndrome

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mandeville East (behind Art of Espresso) Noon-1:00pm

The Imposter Syndrome (feelings of self-doubt; difficulty accepting personal achievements; fear of being discovered as an impostor) is more common than you might think! It affects students of all grade levels, academic disciplines, and from all backgrounds. Join Cat Thompson and Christina Castro from Psychological and Counseling services to discuss coping techniques and strategies for taming the Impostor Syndrome.

This GUIDE event is co-sponsored by the Wednesday Awareness Workshop series for Graduate and Professional Students. Sandwiches and coffee will be sponsored by the Office of Graduate Studies.

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