todos cordialmente invitados este sábado a las 7 en voz alta, de ahí al comple del tumper donde bailaremos toda la noche.


Three artists analyze the practice of idolatry and ritual--through subjects ranging from personal cartography to political handshakes to plaster figurines. Through photographs, drawings, sculpture, and video, Susannah Bielak, Esteban Martinez, and Omar Pimienta mix mythology and personal realities. Susannah Bielak presents two projects investigating coded language. Through intensive drawings, Bielak explores the parallel between the decorum and euphemism in the orchestrated body language of politicians and the sentiment of flowers. In a parallel series of photographs, Bielak creates portraits of San Diego friends exploring idiosyncratic approaches to the act of dedication. Esteban Martinez explores the creation of contemporary idols through the ritual of imitation with the help of Tijuana/Mexico City undiscovered talent. Through a series of manipulated photographic prints of two locations of influence in his life, Martinez creates cartographies exploring the intersection of memory and place. Omar Pimienta pirates Frederick Auguste Bartholdi's original concept for the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty and creates a plaster figure that unites our lady of immigrants with a pre-columbian pyramid. Through video, photography and sculpture, Pimienta gives homage to his native Colonia Libertad and the endangered trade of plaster figure-making for the American tourist industry.

We invite you to join us on the evening of Saturday, June 2 from 7pm - 12am for live festivities at Voz Alta. The gallery is available by appointment through the month of June.

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