• Language is the first portable instrument discovered by man
  • The word is a portable sing
  • The word communicated at a distance fosters the portable instruments but also makes man portable
  • Smell looks gestures noises colors temperatures obstacles etcetera are languages occupied by words
  • The written or spoken word depreciates the object which supports it but is objectified
  • The word not written and not spoken remains the sole real mystery
  • The word when it is alone tends to multiply into many meanings
  • The word when it is alone nevertheless remains the title of different themes relating to subjective associations
  • Different words together form speech, an available object
  • Different words together form a story, a poetic object
  • Different words together form an indictment, a political object
  • A word repeated becomes another word
  • Continues continues continues continues………………Vincenzo Agnetti (1972) (ni hace tanto)

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